10 Poems About Edinburgh

10 Poems About Edinburgh

October 5, 2016

To celebrate National Poetry Day 2016, we’ve picked 10 poems that illustrate Edinburgh’s impressive character. We’d like you to pick your favourite, or add one of your own.


1)  ‘Auld Reikie’

         by Robert Fergusson




2)  ‘To the Phiz. An Ode’

         by Allan Ramsay




3)  ‘Edinburgh Volte-Face’

         by Christine De Luca




4)  ‘Edinburgh’

         by Hugh MacDiarmid




5)  ‘Litany of Time Past’

         by Muriel Spark




6)  ‘Old Edinburgh’

         by Norman MacCaig




7)  ‘The City We Live In’

         by Tessa Rasmford




8)  ‘Dumb Show, With Candles’

         by Robin Robertson




9)  ‘To Edinburgh’

         by Valerie Gills




10)  ‘Auld Reekie’

         by Robert Louis Stevenson





National Poetry Day is an annual mass celebration of all things poetry. It is an initiative of the Forward Arts Foundation, who’s aim is to bring together leading poetry, literacy and literary organisations around a shared purpose: promoting the enjoyment, discovery and sharing of poetry.

Running annually since 1994, National Poetry day encourages people from around the country to engage in poetry – both in person and online. It’s also the perfect day to browse the shelves at the Scottish Poetry Library or you might want to take a trip to your favourite local book shop and pick a new collection to enjoy