A-Z of Book Artists


Her background is in constructing textiles but Anne Keith has been won over by the possibilities in painting, bookmaking and... Read more


As an artist drawn to storytelling and the stories within people, it’s only natural that artist Catherine Hiley has explor... Read more


For Felicity Bristow, it’s the binding and creation of the books themselves that draws her towards the medium. She even se... Read more


Hilary Leckridge is an artisan with a serious preoccupation with books. Working with a variety of techniques and media, incl... Read more


Drawing, illustration and book art are the primary occupations of artist Jennifer Bruce, whose books often incorporate her... Read more

Not only does Jenny Smith create some gorgeous book art herself, she’s also the smart cookie who set up the Book Artist... Read more


Poet and artist Lesley May Miller is interested in exploring many different mediums, including beautiful book art. Since mov... Read more

Strongly influenced by her background in architecture, Lynda Wilson creates glorious 3D book sculptures. Playing with print,... Read more


Exploring and sculpting the book form is one of Susie Wilson’s primary driving passions and her work can be found at the C... Read more


Working between Japan and Edinburgh, Tomoko Tabuchi combines photography with paper crafts and creates handmade book sculptu... Read more