A-Z of Makars


As a prolific scholar and writer, David Daiches is an undeniably important figure in the development of literary criticism and culture. He was born... Read more


Gavin Douglas was one of the original Scottish Makars. A younger song of the fifth Earl of Angus, he was born at Tantallon Castle to the south-east... Read more



J.K. Annand was born in 1908 and raised in Edinburgh. He was an active promotor of the Scots language in his poetry and is best kno... Read more


The Edinburgh Makar is Edinburgh’s version of the Poet Laureate.

‘Makar’, in a literary context, means someone who is... Read more


Nan Shepherd was a Scottish novelist whose work is imbued with a strong sense wonder at the beauty of the Scotland she knew and loved. Born in East... Read more

Born in Caithness, much of Neil Gunn’s work was inspired by the life and landscape that surrounded him in Scotland’s northern reaches. Afte... Read more


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