Story Shop 2014

A short story showcase by 17 new and emerging Edinburgh writers at the Edinburgh International Book Festival


It’s hard not to love the compact beauty of the short story.

Story Shop at the Edinburgh International Book Festival:

Every day during the Edinburgh International Book Festival, a new and upcoming local writer takes the stage at the Spiegeltent to give a reading of (typically) one or more short stories. These popular Story Shop performances are now held for the eighth consecutive year, are roughly 10 minutes long, start at 4pm sharp, and are free and unticketed.

Story Shop on this site:

Each Story Shopper has their own page (see below) with a short bio, an audio sample, and a small taster of a story you can expect to hear on the day. As you can tell, the participants cover a whole range of styles and genres.

2014 line-up:

Sat 9th Aug       Sarah Gundle →
Sun 10th Aug    Ruth Aylett →
Mon 11th Aug   Alison Summers →
Tue 12th Aug     Becky Leach →
Wed 13th Aug    Halsted M. Bernard →
Thu 14th Aug     Susan MacDonald →
Fri 15th Aug       Hayley Swinson →
Sat 16th Aug      Nicole Brandon →
Sun 17th Aug     Kirsten Waller →
Mon 18th Aug   Marjorie Lotfi Gill →
Tue 19th Aug     Helen Foster →
Wed 20th Aug    Andrea Mullaney →
Thu 21st Aug      Phil Adams →
Fri 22nd Aug     Clare Archibald →
Sat 23rd Aug     Alec Beattie →
Sun 24th Aug    Stephanie McGregor →
Mon 25th Aug    Keith Dumble →


Missed it or can’t make it ?

No worries! You can find the complete versions of all the Story Shop 2014 stories read that day, and of all which went before it, on the pages linked from line-up overview above. The full text will replace the taster versions shortly after the Story Shopper of the Day leaves the stage, roughly around 4.30 pm. Keep in mind that this change is made by people who are at a bustling festival, so if you can’t see the complete short story right away, do check later.

Emerging Writers Programme

Story Shop is run by Edinburgh City of Literature Trust as part of it’s Emerging Writers Programme, to give new and upcoming local writers a chance to showcase their work at one of the titans amongst book festivals. And to give the visitors to the Edinburgh International Book Festival an opportunity to discover new voices from our local scene. The Trust also offers the seventeen Story Shoppers -selected out of roughly 100 applications- a workshop and other complimentary support to prepare them for their public performance.


All about Story Shop
How to apply for an opportunity to read at Story Shop 2015

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