Our A-Z is an ambitious compilation of information about Edinburgh. As we refine, polish, and discover things anew, please tell us if there’s anything you’d like to see added here so we can build our literary knowledge together.

It’s Edinburgh’s A-Z – happy browsing!


Just when you think you’ve scanned the plentiful downstairs shelves, you discover an entire cavern of rooms upstairs, one of which houses a s... Read more

Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine published a mixture of satire, reviews and criticism between 1817 and 1980. It was hugely controversi... Read more

This is a cosy southside pub, jammed right next to the Peartree pub and the Counting House. It’s popular with locals, visitors and students a... Read more

Bobbie’s Bookshop sell an assortment of adult literature including erotica, and Gay and Lesbian titles.

[this entry is a stub and will... Read more

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