Big Words on the Royal Mile

Big Words on the Royal Mile

September 14, 2015

The Scottish Poetry Library has launched a project to mark National Poetry Day on 8 October.

National Poetry Day Logo newIn partnership with the New Waverley development, the Scottish Poetry Library and the Edinburgh Makar Christine de Luca will unveil a poem on a 25 x 12 metre printed scaffolding sheet that will cover the front of the Sailor’s Ark building, found on the Canongate stretch of Edinburgh’s Royal Mile.

This poem will stay up on the building until summer 2016, greeting all those who pass by. The project is called ‘Big Words.’

Now, the question is what poem will appear on the scaffolding sheet? That’s where the Poetry Library need a little help from you, the people of Edinburgh, asking you to vote online for the poem you’d most like to see as you walk along the Royal Mile. There is a shortlist of five poems, each one of which has its own unique character. The poems are by William Letford, Edwin Morgan, Margaret Tait, Valerie Gillies and Elizabeth Burns.

See the Scottish Poetry Library blog for more information here and cast your vote here.