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Here at Edinburgh City of Literature we believe the process of applying to be a UNESCO City of Literature is just as important as the designation itself.

What it means to be a city of literature

Being a UNESCO City of Literature means we are active, passionate and creative in our approach. We are committed to nurturing and supporting our artform, to collaborating internationally by sharing best practice, to supporting freedom of speech and delivering projects which ensure literature reaches as wide and diverse an audience as possible, locally and internationally. Our work takes place within the wider framework of the Creative City Network mission statement.

Before you apply, prepare to be dedicated.

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Get in touch

Contact us as soon as the idea of becoming a City of Literature manifests. We’ll advise you through what you need to know about the bidding process, point you to resources, and guide you through your first tentative steps toward becoming a City of Literature. Visit site
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Planning a bid

It is a good idea to get in touch with the designated Cities of Literature to find out how they work, what they do and share ideas. This will be your best guide to what it means to be a City of Literature. It is important to spend time understanding the designation, the network and what it could mean for your city. As soon as you feel the designation is something you are serious about, <a href="">contact UNESCO</a> to register your interest. They will guide you on the application process. Visit site
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Stay in touch

Keep in touch with the Cities of Literature network and we will do what we can to support you and guide you along the way. Ask us anything you like. Read more