Echoes of the City explores Edinburgh’s literary streets

Echoes of the City explores Edinburgh’s literary streets

May 22, 2017

A simple walk through the winding, cobbled streets of Edinburgh proves just how abundant and rich the city is in its stories and heritage.

This was something that Miriam Johnson, creator of geo-locational podcast, Echoes of the City, wished to explore even further. She began work on creating a podcast that would create an audio trail of stories, guiding listeners to various locations in the city.

In talking about Edinburgh as a setting, Johnson said: “It’s got history, setting, style, and a great infrastructure to get a project like Echoes of the City off the ground.”

The Echoes of the City Podwalk app uses geo-locational technology to take listeners an an audio journey through the city, featuring stories written by new and emerging writers that shine a light on some of the secret gems and wonders of our capital.

The app guides listeners to fifteen locations around Edinburgh, each of which is connected to one of fifteen stories or poems by the chosen writers, and play as the listener reaches the location.

The fifteen chosen writers were condensed down from a list of 79 entries, all of whom were early career authors with no more than one novel published.

The judging panel was made up of representatives from City of Literature, The Bridge Awards, Scottish Poetry Library, Edinburgh International Book Festival and Echoes of the City.

Launched on the 16 May 2017, the app is now open to all who wish to discover some of Edinburgh’s literary gems, championing the work of its group of talented emerging writers.