Echoes come to the streets of Edinburgh

Echoes come to the streets of Edinburgh

September 9, 2016

Edinburgh City of Literature Trust and the Bridge Awards have partnered to support a new writing initiative, Echoes of the City: Edinburgh’s Hidden Stories.

The project will take the works of fifteen new writers and place them throughout the city using Podwalk, a site specific podcast player. The project will highlight the voices of new and up and coming writers and will give unique, creative angles to some of the most interesting sites in Edinburgh.

Submissions are now open for new writers or early career authors from around the world who have yet to have more than one book or one collection published. Participating non-Edinburgh residents need to have travelled to Edinburgh on holiday or business and must know the city well enough to have a story that relates to a specific location.

The stories or poetry selected will be geo-located in unique places throughout the city centre and the project will engage listeners by taking them on a journey of stories and poetry, exploring sides of the city they might not have discovered through conventional means. Background information will be available on a dedicated website offering biographies of the authors, written copies of the stories and a map of where users can find and listen to them.

Tracey Emerson of The Bridge Awards said, “The Bridge Awards are excited to be involved in this innovative project. We look forward to viewing familiar landmarks of Edinburgh from the fresh perspectives provided by the winning stories.”

Eleanor Pender, Communications Executive at the City of Literature commented, “Echoes of the City is a wonderfully innovative project to support, combining the literary landscape of Edinburgh with modern technologies. It will be really exciting to see a mixture of interpretations of our city from residents and visitors.”

Entries close at midnight on Sunday 16 October 2016. Submissions will be chosen by a panel consisting of Miriam Johnson, Edinburgh City of Literature, and The Bridge Awards.  Once recorded, the project will be launched in December 2016. Members of the public can find out more information on the Echoes of the City website with details on how to submit here and follow the project on Twitter @echoesofthecity.

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