I was seized with a keen desire to see Holmes again... He was pacing the room swiftly, eagerly, his hands clasped behind him.

Arthur Conan Doyle

The City of Literature Trust is an independent organisation that secured UNESCO's recognition of Edinburgh as the world's first City of Literature in an international network of Creative Cities.

We work through partnerships, providing a focus and co-ordination for literary activity, reaching out to a wide audience - local, national and international - to deliver clear benefits for the city and for Scotland.

We Focus On


Promoting Scotland's Literature

providing information about our rich heritage


Literary Tourism

promoting Edinburgh as a global City of Literature


Literary Excellence

stimulating participation and learning in new ways 


International Outreach

maintain a lead role in the Creative Cities Network 

We facilitate, animate and enable organisations to work together to promote literature and reading.

Project Listings

Current Projects

An overview of the many ongoing, recurring and upcoming  projects that the Trust is  running or heavily involved with.

These projects run locally, nationally and internationally.

Completed Projects

These are the projects that were one-offs or have been completed.

The list highlights the many audiences we cater for, the networks we are involved with or have helped establish, and the wide range of authors and organisations that we work with.

One Book -
One Edinburgh

Our month-long citywide reading campaign has become a firm calendar fixture and a popular flagship project that tackles accepted reader boundaries by offering thousands of free books and presenting literature in new and exciting ways.

Our Literary City

With a rich heritage and a vibrant literary scene, it should come as no surprise that Edinburgh sports oustanding events, festivals, literary institutes and organisations, each catering to its own audience and operating in its own niche.

UNESCO recognised that the totality of our literary past, present and future made Edinburgh a perfect pioneering City of Literature - the first in the world.

Edinburgh City of Literature Trust is proud that it has brought this outstanding recognition to our capital. Our enthusiasm, our independent nature and our city roots have all helped to further a fertile climate in which our many literary players were able to co-operate on exciting projects, and enabled to present ourselves as a united, inspiring and visionary literary city.

We are increasingly recognised as a city in which literature has a special place, and as a city that that takes great pride in this - by both our citizens and the wider world.

This page is only an overview of the many projects that the Trust itself is involved in.

If you are interested in Edinburgh's literary heritage, or in any of the other literary nuggets that the city has on offer, we encourage you to explore Our Literary City pages.

Stay Informed

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