Did not such strong connections draw me elsewhere, I believe Scotland would be the Country I should chuse to spend the Remainder of my Days in.

Benjamin Franklin, on visiting Edinburgh

Edinburgh has a long history as an international centre of learning.  Today, the city's Universties and Colleges play host to creative writing courses, renowned academics, theatre work and many more specialised projects: our Academic section has information about the focus of each college and university. 

The city's libraries run book groups and competitions, with knowledgable librarians and specialised courses ranging from Scots language to more general discussion groups.  For those looking at learning more about literature and writing, our Courses section lists everything from degrees on offer to evening classes held in Edinburgh. For those more professionally involved, there are Training opportunities all year round.

There are plenty of courses and organisations open to those who want to improve their reading and communication skills. If you're looking for inspiration on what to read, then we have a number of reading lists offering suggestions for varying age levels and types of writing.