I will say it fairly, it grows on me with every year: there are no stars so lovely as Edinburgh street-lamps.

Robert Louis Stevenson

Aswan, Egypt - UNESCO City of Folk Art

The city of Aswan has preserved a unique heritage in folk art while evolving into a contemporary hub of exquisite craftwork, arts education, creative exchange and civil engagement.  The town uses its public art institutions in order to promote this magnificent ancient art form and to encourage museums to play a role in the efforts of the local community to support sustainable development, mutual understanding and the fight against poverty and illiteracy.

Fabriano, Italy - UNESCO City of Folk Art

Awarded 21 October 2013. Information to follow.

Icheon, South Korea - UNESCO City of Folk

Icheon boasts an outstanding history and tradition in crafts and has managed to successfully blend culture, crafts and tourism with the main objective of preserving the traditional crafts in harmony with the contemporary crafts industry. The city was recognized for its initiatives to create special economic zones for creative industries, its commitment to include crafts education at all school levels and its will to foster intercultural dialogue through various creative platforms.

Kanazawa, Japan - UNESCO City of Folk

Kanazawa is a typical Japanese city of traditional crafts, with a population of 450,000. Founded as a castle town in 1583, the city has been peaceful ever since, having avoided serious natural disasters and wartime bomb attacks. In Kanazawa, many kinds of crafts have been developed and preserved along with the city’s distinctive samurai culture and lifestyle.

The city of Kanazawa boasts an outstanding history and heritage relating to traditional crafts and folk art. The city’s efforts in linking traditional crafts aesthetics and techniques with modern technology in a spirit of creativity and innovation are very significant. The city also has a strong financial and infrastructural commitment to enhance the interest and awareness of traditional crafts among new generations.

Sante Fe, USA - UNESCO City of Folk Art

The exchange of goods, ideas and know-how is deeply rooted in the city of Santa Fe, spanning from trade fairs that were attended by early Pueblo Indians and Mexico's indigenous population, the Camino Real and the Santa Fe Trail, to Santa Fe's Design Week and International Folk Art Market.

The city continues to evolve as a hub for cultural industries as artists, visionaries, entrepreneurs and countless visitors come to Santa Fe to be inspired by and to take part in a rich and unique aesthetic tradition. Santa Fe's appointment to the Creative Cities Network is a testament to the city's important achievements in cultural industry development, and it fosters the city's drive to share experiences, knowledge and best-practices with other cultural clusters on a global platform.