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Chengdu, China - UNESCO City of Gastronomy

Chengdu is acknowledged for its reputation as a historical city of gastronomy and birthplace of many culinary traditions. The unique culinary culture manifests local culture and demonstrates the preservation and cultivation of gastronomic creativity. The most outstanding feature of Chengdu cuisine is the great variety of flavors, based on five elements, namely sweet, sour, bitter, spicy and salty.

Based on wealthy natural resources, centuries-old heritage and persistent creativity, with thousands years of development, a gastronomy industry of rich intension and great range has formed in Chengdu, which drives the development of other creative industries and pushes forward the harmonious and advancement of the city.

Ostersund, Sweden - UNESCO City of Gastronomy

This rural, sparsely populated region in Sweden is appreciated for its gastronomic culture, which is based on locally produced sustainable food following a long-lasting culinary tradition. Eldrimmer, the Swedish National Centre for Small Scale Artisan Food Processing, which supports small entrepreneurs and farmers with guidance, training support and product development demonstrates the importance of gastronomy in relation to creative industries. Their culinary tradition tightly linked to nature and sustainable development is expected to bring Östersund’s distinctive profile as a gastronomic city to an international level and serve as a valuable asset to the Network.

Popayan, Colombia - UNESCO City of Gastronomy

The city of Popayan, Colombia was appointed the first UNESCO City of Gastronomy, in August 2005.  Popayan's Gastronomy Corporation's involvement in advancing the gastronomy industry in collaboration with the city has proven to set an outstanding track record and the city has an impressive array of gastronomic offerings and venues.  Popayan's rich traditional dishes and ingredients have rendered the city with a unique gift and resource in the field of gastronomy, allowing the city to attract major gastronomic festivals and events. Not only has the Gastronomy Corporation involved the public sector in its initiatives to raise awareness about the city's great potential in the field of gastronomy, but it has also mobilized the private and civil society sectors in combining resources and know-how on a global scale.

Zahle, Lebanon - UNESCO City of Gastronomy

Awarded 21 October 2013. Information to follow.