and who, indeed that has once seen Edinburgh, with its couchant crag-lion, but must see it again in dreams, waking or sleeping?

Charlotte Bronte

City of Literature

UNESCO's Creative Cities programme recognises cultural excellence and aspirations in a number of creative fields, and awards a permanent, non-competitive title to those Cities they succesfully assess.

Cities of Literature

The UNESCO Cities of Literature will work together to form strong global partnerships and literary links between our cities and countries.  Each City will also be dedicated to pursuing excellence in literature on a local level, engaging citizens in a dynamic culture of words.

Edinburgh is the world's first UNESCO City of Literature, a title awarded in 2004 in recognition of the city's literary heritage, vibrant contemporary scene and aspirations for the future.  In 2008, UNESCO announced two new Cities of Literature - Melbourne and Iowa City. In 2010, Dublin was added to the global network of Cities. Reykjavik followed in 2011 and Norwich in 2012. The latest city to be awarded the title is Krakow in 2013.

Edinburgh UNESCO City of Literature  

We want to encourage you to explore for yourself: pay a visit to our Scottish Poetry Library, enjoy the bright new Scottish Storytelling Centre, take a literary tour through the streets of the Old and New Towns of Edinburgh - both UNESCO World Heritage sites. Contact us if you want to know more, but just can't find what you're looking for on these pages.

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