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Bradford, England - UNESCO City of Film

The city of Bradford, UK was appointed as the first UNESCO City of Film on the 8th of June 2009. Home to some of the earliest pioneers of cinema and the celebrated location of many classic films, Bradford can trace a proud and accomplished film heritage. Having been the birthplace of a range of international film talent, the city now plays host to one of the most diverse film festival programmes in Europe. It is home of the hugely popular National Media Museum, a growing digital sector, and increasing opportunities for involvement in, and enjoyment of, film by local people.

Sidney, Australia- UNESCO City of Film

Sydney joins Bradford as the second City of Film in the Network. Its film industry demonstrates a dynamic balance between the different film-related sectors, public and private, offering openness to the cinema of all cultures which provides the lesser known ones a solid platform to exhibit their talents and potential. The big film fiestas like the Sydney film festival, World of Women Film Festival and Tropfest add a glamorous and yet, meaningful tinge to Sydney’s film culture at the same time promoting young professionals to join this industry. Film education to the aspirants at a very young age, availability of number of studios and commercial back-up for film promotion highlight Sydney’s worth as UNESCO City of Film and also gives an outlook as on what it can offer to the network.