Edinburghs Biggest Bookcrossing

Edinburghs Biggest Bookcrossing

February 8, 2007

We will be setting free copies of all three of our new editions of Kidnapped later this week as part of the One Book – One Edinburgh campaign.   

Kidnapped will be popping up in the pub, in cafes, on the bus, in hairdressers and even on park benches, so that people can pick up the book, log onto the BookCrossing.com website and find out who else has read it and where it’s been.  Each book has a unique number, allowing us – and you – to trace where the book has been.  We have a list of free book locations.

If you find a book, you can read it, tell us where you found it, leave some comments on the website and choose where to leave it forother to find. The process is simple, and anyone can join in.

If you’d like to join in, but can’t find a book out in the wild, then you can choose to pass on your own copy of Kidnapped – or any other book.  Log on to BookCrossing.com to register your book, and we’ll soon have a downloadable bookplate available here so that your book will be associated with One Book – One Edinburgh.