Harry Potter Festival comes to Edinburgh

Harry Potter Festival comes to Edinburgh

April 26, 2018

This year, the capital will play host to the Wizarding World Gathering as part of the ninth annual Edinburgh International Magic Festival, where wizards and witches from around the world can don their best robes, practice their spells and meet fellow magical beings during the Fringe Festival.

You can join the celebration in the Grand Hall, complete with winding, wizard-friendly passages, hidden theatres and potion bars at the Assembly Roxy. The gathering will be spread over four levels from lower basement to first floor (at last check, the staircases have been known to move), and with five hours to explore the space, you can enroll yourself in a levitations or time-travel class, take part in a quiz, or even make some potions.

For Hogwarts students looking to get ready for the school year, there’ll be a plethora of Diagon Alley style shops with magical books from Golden Hare books, official merchandise from the Boy Wizard shop plus many more magical surprises. Find out more about what’s on offer during this magical celebration here.

Vendors include Boy Wizard Merchandise, Suki Bakes, Old Curiosity Distillery, Alechemy Ales, Golden Hare Books, the Hog Shop. Wizard World Gathering is a licensed event for people aged 18 and over however children can attend if accompanied by an adult, we recommend the afternoon sessions on Saturday and Sunday.