Hidden Door 2018 launches Kickstarter

Hidden Door 2018 launches Kickstarter

April 25, 2018

Hidden Door is returning to Leith, Edinburgh this year from 25 May – 3 Jun, with its 10-day multi-arts festival showcasing the work of emerging creatives in Scotland.

Hidden Door is a not-for-profit, volunteer-run multi-arts festival transforming disused spaces in Edinburgh into temporary new and exciting places to discover and explore. In 2018 they are taking over an abandoned art-deco cinema and returning to the emerging Leith Theatre.

In order to ensure the success of this year’s Festival, Hidden Door has launched a kickstarter to help reinforce the money raised through ticket sales, sponsorship and fundraising activities. Support the kickstarter here.

Hidden Door said:

What we aspire to do is to be able to kit out each of the spaces with incredible lighting, sound, and video tech, and if we can raise enough money to set the spaces up the way we want to we will not only be doing the best for our artists, but we will also create the most amazing experience for the audience to explore and discover the buildings and the remarkable creative work in the programme. This will take us to a new level; realising our vision, our ambitions and those of our artists. With your help Hidden Door will give people the chance to see what is possible, to see the potential of the buildings and of the artists who will exhibit and perform there.


The Locations

The State Cinema in Leith opened in 1938, part of a forward-thinking multi-use leisure development which closed to films in 1972 and went on to host a bingo hall and nightclub before closing its doors for the final time in 2004. A forgotten beauty, left to ruin.

Previously left forgotten and decaying for nearly 30 years, the Leith Theatre, a gift to the people of Leith in 1932 eventually closing in 1988, is now making a strong comeback thanks in no small part to our efforts last year, and the generosity of people who supported our 2017 Kickstarter campaign, who can proudly claim they put it on the map and showed the world what it could be.