Libraries are the beating heart of our city

The City of Literature Trust believes that libraries are the beating heart of our literary city. They are a haven for words, books, and ideas; places of possibility and discovery that foster a love of literature, strengthening the very foundations of our society.

It’s no secret that some of the city’s most inspiring authors have written in its libraries, that books have helped people across all social backgrounds, and that our libraries are at the forefront of championing literacy for all ages.

In order to show just how important they are to readers, writers, workers, and families all across Edinburgh, the Trust will campaign to Make It Count by taking the city’s love and passion for its libraries, and channelling it into a proactive and visible engagement with libraries. The aim is to drive up the number of people signing up for cards, borrowing books, using the services on offer, and shouting about it to the world.

Make It Count: 26 June – 24 July

The month-long campaign will delve deep into the heart of Edinburgh’s libraries by featuring stories, images and conversations between librarians and writers – ending with the Trust’s pledge to take the words and support received to Edinburgh’s Councillors at the City Chambers.



Follow us as through June and July as we campaign for everyone to #MakeItCount, talk to local librarians and writers, feature stories about libraries, and go behind the scenes in exploring their events as well as their history.




Every writer has a library that made them into the writer they became.
Shelley Day Sclater

I don’t think I would have got anywhere with my writing if I hadn’t had access to Edinburgh’s libraries.
Martin MacInnes

When I felt like my world had shrunk due to illness, lack of income, and an inaccessible disabling society, the library offered solace, hope, knowledge, and the power needed to forge ahead into a new life.
Ever Dundas



Get a Library Card – if you haven’t already, sign-up to your local library service and get your very own card, which will give you access to free books, WI-Fi, Internet services, groups, e-books, music, and much more. Once you do, tell the world by using #MakeItCount and #LibrariesMatter.


Get a Book – this encompasses all on offer at the library, whether that be books, films, CDs, e-books, magazines, you name it. Get into your library and be seen to swipe out books or any items that take your fancy.


Get a Friend – don’t be afraid to get loud. If you already have a card and use your library then spread the word, tell a friend and get them to sign-up. Let the world know what your local library has to offer.