Mirabelle Bevan set for small screen

Mirabelle Bevan set for small screen

January 26, 2016

Edinburgh author Sara Sheridan is set to have her Mirabelle Bevan novels come to the small screen in a new STV television detective drama by the makers of Taggart and Rebus.

Described as ‘a cosy crime noir mystery’, the series starts with Brighton Belle, introducing ex-Secret Service agent Mirabelle Bevan working at a debt collection agency in post-war Brighton in 1951. A subsequent disappearance leads Mirabelle into mystery and investigation with the help of insurance clerk, Vesta Churchill.

There are currently four Mirabelle Bevan novels, Brighton Belle (2012), London Calling (2013), England Expects (2014), and British Bulldog (2015), with the latest in the series, Operation Goodwood, due to hit shelves in April 2016.

The full series has been bought by Little Brown in the UK, part of publishing company Hachette. The books will also be coming out in the US after the North American rights have been acquired by Kensington.

STV Productions bought the rights to the novels less than four years after Brighton Belle was published. Talking about the news, Sara said: “When I met the STV Productions team we got on like a house on fire. I sold the books to them because I knew they got them, they were real enthusiasts for Mirabelle and everything about her. The next stage is to find a screenwriter, to get a good screenplay written before thinking about casting.”