Neu! Reekie! Take Japan

Neu! Reekie! Take Japan

May 12, 2015

One of Edinburgh’s foremost spoken word events, Neu! Reekie!, is setting its sights slightly further afield. And we’re not talking Falkirk.

The Institute of Language and Culture at Meiji Gakuin University in Tokyo will be hosting Michael Pedersen and Kevin Williamson – ‘Scotland’s favourite avant-garde noisemakers.’ (The Skinny) – as they develop and deliver a Scottish Literature seminar and curate their signature mixture of poetry and performance.

Neu Reekie logo‘We’re stridently excited about it,’ says Michael Pedersen, ‘The show will involve our own poetry (including some translations), plus that of Professor Paul Hullah; season into this a cutting-edge Scottish animation showcase and music from Lomond Campbell and Tenniscoats (Japan), and we have a hit.

The duo will also be meeting with research fellows at Kyoto University to discuss Edinburgh’s burgeoning literary scene and festivals as well as visiting and documenting Turner Prize nominee and Neu! Reekie! ‘comrade’ Jim Lambie’s exhibition at Rat Hole Gallery. Kevin and Michael will be hosting a filmed discussion with the performer Momus (Nicholas Currie) covering life as a Scots ex-pat in Osaka and his career to date.

‘Bonds and links will be forged – knowledge and lustre absorbed. We’re effervescent, and give fond thanks to Edinburgh UNESCO City of Literature Trust, British Council (Scotland) and Creative Scotland for their support,’ says Michael.

And we don’t doubt it. Brace yourself Tokyo!

Neu! Reekie! takes place on Friday 15th May at Meiji Gakuin University Tokyo, 7.30-9.30pm. For more detail see or