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Canongate Talks: a new events series for Edinburgh

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(11 April 2012)

Our vibrant City of Literature has a brand new monthly events series, courtesy of award-winning publisher Canongate Books. 

Canongate Talks is a new series of monthly events in Edinburgh with leading writers and thinkers from science, literature, philosophy, psychology, arts and culture, in association with Waterstones. The talks will take place in various prestigious and beautiful venues across the city, opening these usually private spaces to the general public.

Inspiring, innovative and sometimes unconventional, Canongate Talks will aim to reflect these values with speakers who will discuss ideas in an environment which encourages the public to engage in the debate.  At the first sold-out event in March, ex-Bishop of Edinburgh Richard Holloway talked of his aversion to religious institutions, defended gay marriage and revealed why he finally left the church. 

Next in the series, on Saturday 28th April at the Surgeon's Hall, acclaimed neuroscientist Jonah Lehrer will show how new research is deepening our understanding of the human imagination and will shatter the myth of the creative 'type'. Future speakers include 'outsider' artist David Shrigley, outspoken writer and artist Alasdair Gray and legendary musician David Byrne.  The series will feature Canongate and non-Canongate authors.

Canongate Talks aims to nourish Edinburgh's appetite for lively and intelligent discussion; we don't know about you, but we're suddenly awfully hungry...

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