Something of the sort is to be seen in Salisbury Crags at Edinburgh. ... 'It was on that, ' said Professor Challenger, pointing to the tree, 'that the pterodactyl was perched. I climbed halfway up the rock before I shot him.'

"The Lost World," Arthur Conan Doyle

J.K Rowling Announces New Book

Date Posted:

(17 April 2012)

J.K Rowling has announced her return with new novel The Casual Vacancy, her first since the last in the Harry Potter series back in 2007. 

Unlike the release of each Harry Potter book, Rowling has given her readers an idea of what to expect from the plot of her new adult novel. The story will be worlds apart from witchcraft and wizardry, taking place in a quaint English town at war over a parish council election following the death of a local councillor.

Her publisher Little, Brown has described the novel as “blackly comic, thought-provoking and constantly surprising".For a full description of the Edinburgh- based author's latest work, have a look at the Little, Brown website.

The Casual Vacancy will be published on 27 September this year, with audio and ebook formats widely available.