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Story Shop success!

Date Posted:

(24 April 2012)

This is the kind of story we like very much indeed: Angela Jackson, of Story Shop alumni 2011, will have her first book published by Constable & Robinson imprint Canvas in April 2013.

Angela read her short story 'Freud' in the Spiegeltent at the Edinburgh International Book Festival 2011 as part of our Story Shop showcase. Story Shop is an annual series of daily 10 minute flash fiction and short story readings by local emerging writers produced by the City of Literature Trust, the perfect opportunity to hear some of the up-and-coming talent living and working in Edinburgh today in the atmospheric environs of the Spiegeltent at Charlotte Square. You can hear an interview with Angela and read the full story – and those of the other story shoppers - on our website.

Angela says: I was selected to read from The Emergence of Judy Taylor in 2010, when it was a work in progress with a different title (Take Two). I was so nervous before that first reading, but it was an amazing experience. I also read from another piece in 2011, which was only slightly less scary than the first time! Being selected to read at my favourite event of the year (the Edinburgh International Book Festival) was beyond thrilling, and experiencing the response of a live audience to my work was a huge confidence boost. The City of Literature’s support was instrumental to my progress in so many ways – creating opportunities for mutually supportive alliances between writers, offering invaluable coaching and advice ahead of the actual reading, giving us broad media platforms through podcasts and social media – there is nothing else like it for an emerging writer in terms of a springboard. And to be labelled an 'emerging writer' is so empowering; it enabled me to actually think about myself in those terms, and encouraged me to devote more time to my writing. In short, it gave me the impetus I needed to complete the book. One of the key steps to being signed by United Agents and getting a book deal with Constable & Robinson was receiving that first email from the City of Literature, which I still have on my wall here – it starts: "Thank you for applying to take part in Story Shop – I’m pleased to say your application has been successful." My world changed when I read that. Not least of all because I stopped breathing for a few minutes.

If you’re an emerging talent writing stories of compact beauty and living or working in Edinburgh, our Story Shop may be for you... Applications are open until 14th May at noon.

Commissioning editor Victoria Hughes-Williams says of Angela’s provisionally titled The Emergence of Judy Taylor - 'I was completely won over by Angela's cast of characters, who are so deftly drawn that you feel as though you've known them for years. They really are as flawed, endearing and unpredictable as life itself.' You can sample The Emergence of Judy Taylor on Angela’s website: we can't wait for the rest. We’d like to extend our biggest congrats and warmest hugs to Angela! Roll on April 2013!