Something of the sort is to be seen in Salisbury Crags at Edinburgh. ... 'It was on that, ' said Professor Challenger, pointing to the tree, 'that the pterodactyl was perched. I climbed halfway up the rock before I shot him.'

"The Lost World," Arthur Conan Doyle

More Story Shop Success!

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(01 May 2012)

Having brought you the good news about Story Shop alumni Angela Jackson’s success as she gets her first book published, we have more news to announce.

2011 story shopper, Roy Gill, has published The Daemon Parallel with Floris Books. The novel, for teenagers and young people, is Roy’s debut and has already seen success as it was shortlisted for the 2011 Kelpie Prize. Not only that, but Gill’s book is set in our very own literary city. The novel follows a boy named Cameron, sent to stay with his Grandma after the death of his father. Cameron is soon introduced to the dark side of Edinburgh that he never knew existed- the Daemon Parallel.

An Edinburgh author, an Edinburgh publisher and an Edinburgh setting? Hurrah for our city of literature!

You can hear our interview with Roy, or read his Story Shop submission from last year, here. Or you can catch him in person reading from The Daemon Parallel and chatting with another Story Shopper, Helen Jackson, at Pulp Fiction on Wednesday 23 May. Roy's website can be found at

And remember, The City of Literature Trust is looking for new, emerging writers to read their work as part of Story Shop at the Edinburgh International Book Festival (EIBF) this August.

Story Shop is our annual event at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, showcasing new writing and writers from Edinburgh. Each day of the festival, we feature one writer who will read their submission in a 10 minute slot. The events are free and offer a fantastic chance to hear some of the up-and-coming talent living in our city.  

So if you are new writer, living or working in Edinburgh, our Story Shop may be for you...

Applications are open until May 14 at noon.