Peter: What's your name? Wendy (well satisfied): Wendy Moira Angela Darling. What's yours? Peter: Peter Pan.

J M Barrie

News for Illustrators: Picture Hooks

Date Posted:

(01 May 2012)

Calling all children’s illustrators!

Picture Hooks are an exciting team of individuals who all believe passionately about the importance of illustration. They have come together to fill the gap they see in training and development for budding illustrators. They have put together some fantastic ideas to help new illustrators on their journey...

The organisation are in the process of setting up a mentoring programme. Five illustrators will be chosen to be mentored by a specifically selected professional. The scheme, which is funded by Creative Scotland, will deliver four tutorials over a year. This will give the successful applicant a chance to work alongside their mentor to bring their selected work to publishing standard.
If you feel like this may be a programme for you, then have a look at the entry form on the Picture Hook website.