Opportunity for Storytellers

Opportunity for Storytellers

September 25, 2015

Curiosity Forest, an environment for children and families to learn and explore forests through arts and science, is taking place on Saturday 3 October. Hosted in an indoor built environment, organisers are looking for artists, authors, poets, story-tellers, musicians, scientists and theatre-makers to contribute content to the event.

The remit is child-friendly and low-tech. All contributions are on a voluntary basis but materials needed may be sourced as required.

Event programmer, Lisa commented, “From a  story-telling perspective, work can be read or performed live, with the forest, wild-life or science related content. Those happy to contribute would be paired with another contributor such as a crafter, scientist or musician who could do a follow-up activity. It would be really lovely to have authors, poets and story-tellers from or based in Edinburgh because it is very much a community event.”

The idea behind Curiosity Forest is to get children and families in Edinburgh to connect to arts and sciences in an exciting way.

If you are interested or would like to talk further, please contact Lisa via email – [email protected]

Curiosity Forest

Curiosity Forest is part of Fun Palaces, a national campaign that believes in culture for everyone, and coordinates a weekend of community art and science collaborative events in October. This year, on Saturday 3 October and Sunday 4 October. Last year, there were 133 grassroots led Fun Palaces of all shapes and sizes across the UK.

How you could get involved in Fun Palaces:

Each Fun Palaces is different, so there are different ways of getting involved.

  1. Join the Facebook group (Fun Palaces Scotland), and spread the word about Fun Palaces to people who you think may be interested! Fun Palaces will soon have some dates and times for specific Fun Palaces happening all around Scotland which you can come along to too, and there will be more info, and the UK wide map on the Fun Palaces website.
  1. Come and get directly stuck in! If you have a skill, interest or even just an idea you’d like the share, throw it out there on the group and get in touch, and the Fun Palaces team can match you with an existing Fun Palace.
  1. If you’re part of a community, or have a space/venue, and/or there isn’t a Fun Palace local already and you’re feeling proactive, propose a new Fun Palace yourself!

They really can be of any different size and involve activities that are relevant to your own community interests, one of the only rules is it has to be free for the public (though donations are possible). If you’ve never organised anything like this, there are toolkits online or feel free to get in touch directly. Just register the venue on the Fun Palaces website, and let the Fun Palaces team know about it to give promotional support and help find people who might want to get involved.