Poetry on the Streets – Rally & Broad Masterclass Series

Poetry on the Streets – Rally & Broad Masterclass Series

March 25, 2015

If you think poetry only happens on the page, in silent libraries or in dark little cellar bars, think again. Harry Giles wants poetry on the streets – we approve! – and he wants you to take it there.

As part of the Rally & Broad Masterclass Series Harry is leading a workshop on performing out in public, looking at the skills and ideas behind street poetry and how you can use it.

“Performing on the street, or in any non-stage context, involves a whole new set of skills,” explains Harry. “How do you build a crowd and hold their attention? How can you be heard in the hubbub? It’s not just about being loud: it’s about being catchy and strange and fun and most of all welcoming.”

“And public poetry, like public music, has long been part of protest movements: it can be energising, revealing, demanding. It’s amazing to think about how street performance skills can be used to inspire a crowd, or ask big questions. You can perform to totally new audiences, get poetry out in places where it’s not usually heard, to people who might not otherwise hear it. Every time I’ve performed on the street I’ve met someone totally new.”

Harry is a a poet, producer and performance artist. In 2010 he founded the spoken word events series Inky Fingers, which features writing and spoken work groups and workshops and which he continues to help run.

So if you have something to say and want to say it loud, proud and in public see here for further details.