Prague City of Literature Residency Programme: David Whiteman

Prague City of Literature Residency Programme: David Whiteman

January 24, 2018

In further exciting residency news, Edinburgh-based author David Whiteman was chosen as one of the Writer’s in Residence for this year’s Writer Residency Progamme in Prague, City of Literature.

The project Prague – City of Literature, has been running since October 2015, and offers residential stays for writers and translators. There are six residencies available every year, each lasting two months, and the selection process occurs during August and September.

David Whiteman begins the year as the first resident of the programme. He has devoted his life to writing since a prolonged stay in Prague when he was nineteen. It forged his personal identity as a writer. During that time he engaged with Czech culture in a way that has stayed with him and his work ever since. In 2008, his first novel, A Cure for Solitude, was published. Set in post-communist era Czech Republic, it drew heavily on his experiences of living in Prague.

In 2010 his first screenplay, Lost Generation, was optioned by TailorMade Productions, telling the story of Ernest Hemingway’s and F. Scott Fitzgerald’s friendship during the summer of 1925. On the basis of his second novel (still in progress) he was signed by Peters, Fraser and Dunlop in February, 2017. PFD will seek to secure UK and international publishing rights (Czech Republic included) for the book on its completion.

For the past five years he has been researching and writing his second novel Black Hand. Set in Prague and the Eastern Front of the First World War, it aims to disseminate the motives of Gavrilo Princip in assassinating the Archduke Franz Ferdinand, and show the impact of his actions on a small set of Czech citizens: in Prague, in Terezin, and on the Eastern Front. The book also aims to highlight the reluctance with which so many Czechs went into the First World War, fighting for the Austro-Hungarian Empire, as well as depicting the origins of the Czech Legion.

More information about the Prague’s Residency Programme can be found here.