It seemed as if the rock and castle assumed a new aspect every time I looked at them; and Arthurs Seat was perfect witchcraft. I don't wonder that anyone residing in Edinburgh should write poetically.

Washington Irving

The projects we work on, current and completed, are all designed to celebrate and promote Edinburgh's literature, and to inspire an interest in books, words and reading.

Feedback from the Kidnapped Campaign

Schools, book groups and individuals have taken the time to let us know how they've been involved with our One Book - One Edinburgh campaigns - so what did you think of the Kidnapped reading campaign?

Please drop us a line and let us know - your feedback can help us to plan future initiatives, like the 2008 campaign, featuring Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde

Schools across Edinburgh embraced Kidnapped - South Queensferry High even "kidnapped" a teacher from the Hawes Inn!  Find out more on our Schools Involvement page.

Website Survey Responses

Below are a selection of comments from our anonymous web survey: we had over 300 respondents. You can read more feedback in our Kidnapped evaluation.

Copies of Kidnapped were snapped upReally enjoyed it especially the ew Scots lauguage version and have been inspired to walk the route David and Alan took across Scotland.  

The graphic novel is stunning. Absolutely beautifully illustrated, breathtaking really. I have not read very many graphic novels before, but now will definitely be more open to this way of telling a story.

I liked the references to Edinburgh and its surroundings. The book is also fast-paced and keeps your interest. 

I enjoyed it in parts but found some of the language challenging compared to modern novels. I'm glad that I tried - it's an important Scottish novel.

Read Kidnapped a number of years ago and did enjoy it so was curious to read the graphic novel version. My friend has given me a few graphic novels in the past and have found that I can read a book much quicker in that format. Really enjoyed the Kidnapped version and would definitely read more Robert Louis Stevenson books in that format.

Ian Rankin with graphic novel dream team Alan Grant (left) and Cam Kennedy (right)

I had been meaning to read Kidnapped for a long time, so this was the opportunity I needed to get started. I was pleased to get an audio version to listen to in the car. It was well recorded. The story is fast and exciting. I loved the characterisation and the period details.

 I only got it this morning via, but I'm already 30 pages in. So far I'm enjoying it a lot! I'm not usually one for adventure stories, but I have a weakness for Stevenson and generally adore Scottish literature. I think you chose well in distributing 'Kidnapped' as the 'free february book'.

More Feedback!

Read much, much more of the extensive feedback we received from the Kidnapped campaign here

GRAPHIC NOVEL REVIEW from RLS (Robbie L Small, age 14)

The first thing I will say is that if you have read the original don't expect an all-the-way graphic novel. It's still good though. If you haven't read Kidnapped before, I will give you a quick low-down on the story: David Balfour, a young man whose father has just died, is led on a wild goose chase, first away from attempted murder by his uncle and then escaping from the Red Coats al the while travelling with his new friend Alan Breck. Together they must make a dramatic and extraordinary journey across Scotland so that David can claim his rightful inheritance. I can say that for me the graphic novel finishes too soon to see most of the chasing. Now for the good points, they illustrated this book perfectly. You can see everything clearly. The other thing is that you might get a free copy! Don't destroy it because you think it's boring because it's not, and for all you who like violence there are plenty bloody moments in it. Although it's rather short, this is a good book for people young and old... maybe not the easiest story to read at bedtime though.

I suppose the Edinburgh UNESCO City of Literature chose me because I hate critics (who doesn't?)...Wait, I'm a critic! Darn! I think this is Robert Louis Stevenson's best work... mind you, then again there's always ‘Treasure Island' .... The character expressions in this book are very funny and up close you can see the uncles two-bottom teeth. Well Done, Cam Kennedy.  I'll give this book: 8.5/10.