RLS Day 2017 with RLS Club

RLS Day 2017 with RLS Club

October 20, 2017

Since 2011, Edinburgh has celebrated Robert Louis Stevenson’s birth on the 13 Nov. The joint efforts of Professor Linda Dryden at Edinburgh Napier University and Edinburgh City of Literature Trust have meant that every year the people of Edinburgh have been able to engage with RLS in a diverse range of ways in the city.

This year, RLS Day is being curated and run by the RLS Club, and a new website has been set up to provide those interested in getting involved with more information.

The events programme is now live, and explores the influences behind some of Stevenson’s most well-known works. In An Evening With Jane Rogers, Edinburgh Napier University presents an evening with award-winning novelist Jane Rogers on BBC Radio 4 Robert Louis Stevenson adaptations, and an Afternoon Tea at Heriot Row explores the literary influence Robert Louis Stevenson had on the 20th century postmodernist Jorge Luis Borges with author Kevin MacNeil.

On the RLS Day website, you can also take a test to find out just how well you know Robert Louis Stevenson, and download the famous RLS ‘tache’ if you can’t grow your own.

The City of Literature Trust will still be celebrating the day online, as usual, but is excited to see the day continue to grow under new leadership. Over the years, the Day has been supported by the National Library of Scotland, the City of Edinburgh Council through its libraries and Writers’ Museum, the University of Edinburgh, the Robert Louis Stevenson Club and a host of individuals and organisations, making it a successfully collaborative celebration.

Last year, the theme was ‘Stevenson and Crime’. Full details of the day can be found on the RLS Day homepage.


#RLSDay in Edinburgh is a moustache-twirling, velvet-clad celebration of the life, loves and work of one of our most famous writers – Robert Louis Stevenson. Every 13th of November – RLS’s ‘unbirthday’ – the whole city joins in walks, talks, tales and teas in his honour. And no matter where you are in the world, you’re invited to the party. You can still engage with the day using the usual #RLSDay, and as the Trust will be celebrating online, be sure to keep in touch with us on our Twitter and Facebook.