#RLSDay 2012: Robert Louis Stevenson Day

#RLSDay 2012: Robert Louis Stevenson Day

October 26, 2012

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Robert Louis Stevenson Day
13 November 2012

Robert Louis Stevenson Day (RLSDay) will be roundly celebrated on 13th November, his birthday. Get involved in the series of events and Stevenson inspired shenanigans popping up across the city and online by wearing velvet and donning a ‘tache in his honour or becoming part of a Stevenson flashmob. What better ways are there to celebrate the life and writings of the man who brought us Treasure Island?

Take Part in Town

All Day from 10.00 – Treasure at the Gallery

While away the day listening to a continuous reading of Treasure Island in the beautiful Scottish National Portrait Gallery. Readers will include actors Nigel Planer and John Sessions, members Robert Louis Stevenson Club and their friends, and a couple of scurvy crew from the Long John Silver Trust in Bristol.


All Day – Photo Project

Help ASLS celebrate by snapping some Stevensonia type photos and posting them on their Facebook page throughout the day as part of the Photo Project. Or, have a read of their RLS-dedicated edition of The Bottle Imp, including a free downloadable e-book edition of Stevenson’s Fables, perfect reading material for the big day.

13.00 – Tachemob Flashmob

Don your best whiskers, brush down your velvet jacket and join our merry RLSDay Tachemob Flashmob.

15.00 – Velveteen Cad

Discover what he was really like as a student of the University of Edinburgh, in The Velveteen Cad and Other Tales of Robert Louis Stevenson’s youth: Robert Louis Stevenson at the University of Edinburgh.

16.00 – Cream Tarts, Tea and Talk

URL: http://www.robert-louis-stevenson.org