#RLSDay 2013: Robert Louis Stevenson Day

#RLSDay 2013: Robert Louis Stevenson Day

October 21, 2013

#RLSDay 2013 is nearly here – heave-ho me hearties!

Robert Louis Stevenson Day
13 November 2013

#RLSDay is a moustache-twirling, velvet-clad celebration of the life, loves and work of one of Edinburgh’s most famous writers – Robert Louis Stevenson.

Every 13th November his home town joins in tales, tours and talks in honour of the ‘unbirthday’ of the man behind Treasure Island and The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. But you can join in too, no matter where in the world you are.

Take Part Online

Share your favourite Stevenson facts with us on Facebook and Twitter #RLSDay, and open a book, read a story and raise a glass to RLS, wherever you find yourself.

Flash your tache – we’ll have moustaches ready for you to download and place where you will (hopefully your face). Snap yourself wearing your tache with pride and send it to us to share the love.

Fly the flag – Is your Jolly Roger at the cleaners? Fear not, we’ll have a conveniently-sized one for you to download and fly for RLS Day. Send us a pic of it flying/stuck/being held wherever you choose!

Quotable RLS – What’s your favourite RLS quote? Can’t choose? We can help. Choose from our favourites or write your own and share it with us through the medium of photography.


Take Part in Town

If you’re lucky enough to be in Edinburgh we have city-wide events so you can follow in the footsteps of RLS, find out about The lost loves of Louis, journey to Treasure Island, listen to his stories and poetry or hear how he’s influenced writer Louise Welsh and broadcaster James Naughtie during Napier University’s An Evening with Robert Louis Stevenson. Tickets for the RLS Evening are on sale already, and last year it sold out. Just so you know.


A full run down of the day and its delectable downloads is on the way, so batten down the hatches and make sail for 13th November!