In the run-up to RLS Day 2014, Edinburgh’s way of marking Robert Louis Stevenson’s birthday each 13th of November, the City of Literature Trust asked several people with a special relationship to his work, to answer a few RLS-inspired questions.

With this year’s TRAVEL theme in mind, they told us how they would follow in the footsteps of RLS today and about their own adventures.

You can select the short Q&As below.

In the Footsteps of Stevenson Q&A Gallery

Keep an eye on #RLSDay for new additions

Over the coming days, to get us all in the mood for the big day, we will add more and more of these tasty little teasers. Revisit this page or keep an eye on #RLSDay to get a direct link to each new Q&A as it is released.

RLSDay 2014 Q&As