Robert Louis Stevenson has influenced lots of writers and fantastic literary works through the years. Most recently, he inspired schoolchildren around Edinburgh picked up their pens and entered the RLS Day 2016 creative writing competition with some truly brilliantly imaginative results.

City of Literature Trust started a crime story and, in the spirit of RLS, asked primary students to finish it for them.

The winner was Alexander from Victoria Primary P4+5.

He won an Robert Louis Stevenson themed tea party for his class, which took place during just before RLS Day 2016. You can check out the photos below the story.

His story was a rip-roaring adventure with zombies called ‘On the Run’. Read on, if you dare:


On the Run
a story competition for RLS Day 2016

I felt like I had been running for a really long time. My legs were sore and I was so hungry I was seeing stars. The bag I was carrying felt heavier with every passing minute. I looked inside to check it was still there. I hoped I’d done the right thing but it was impossible to work out what was right and wrong in the cold, damp night. Suddenly, I heard a noise…

(Alexander continued:)

… A giant spider lunged out of a thick bush and hissed a loud hostile hiss. I jerked sideways as it shot past. I struggled to get my bag off my back and when I eventually did I was extremely relieved and brought out a small handgun, a combat knife, some ammunition, a radio and a bandage.

The spider jumped on me from a tree but I shot it half way down. It landed right next to me with a large thud! I noticed a small piece of paper with blood splattered on it and read it. It said: HELP.

Suddenly I heard a groan, I started to feel uneasy. I took my knife out and searched for the source of the groan. I found it after several minutes of searching – it was under a tall oak tree. I thought for a moment that something was different. But what? I figured it out and shot backwards. Because it wasn’t groaning any more it must be dead, I thought. I decided to wrench it out the way.

When I did I was terrified, it looked like it had been shot. I took the machete from his hand and suddenly I dropped the machete and my blood turned ice cold. I turned my head around and saw at least seventy-eight zombies, each armed with a large blood-covered knife!

I launched myself backwards and saw the dead body was actually alive! But not for long because I shot it in the stomach and just then a helicopter came from above. I jumped on and saw a familiar face. It was Derik, my friend. He gave me a gun and I shot all the zombies dead.

We returned back to the small village where we parked on a helipad and went on to tell our stories…

Victoria Primary P4+P5




The judges said: “we really loved Alexander’s use of description: we really felt the sense of panic when he told us how he struggled to get his bag off. There was a lot of shooting in it but the story kept moving and kept us reading. We particularly liked the ending, so we felt like the story was going to continue. Brilliant work!”


RLS Day visited Alexander today for a special prize tea party to celebrate Stevenson’s ‘unbirthday’ of November 13th. With delicious cakes provided by Suki Bakes, some swashbuckling balloon swords and some excellent moustaches, it was a fantastic way to celebrate a tale well written.



Event Coordinator: Edinburgh City of Literature Trust

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