Story Shop Success Stories

Story Shop Success Stories

July 2, 2015

With this year’s Story Shop on the horizon, it is always lovely to hear about what past Story Shop writers have gone on to achieve. A wave of news has come in this week, with a selection of writers making new ground.

Pippa Goldschmidt at the Edinburgh UNESCO City of Literature New Writer's Reception at International Book Festival 2013

Pippa Goldschmidt

Pippa Goldschmidt

Story Shop writer from 2010,  Pippa follows up her first novel The Falling Sky with new work The Need for Better Regulation of Outer Spacea collection of scientific short stories, depicting a lesser visited world of observatories and laboratories. The collection has gathered great reviews and is long-listed for the Frank O’Connor International Short Story Award 2015.

Story Shop writer, 2013

Vicki Jarrett, Story Shop writer, 2013

 Vicki Jarrett

 Story Shop writer from 2013, Vicki launched her first collection of  short stories,  The Way Out earlier this year. In latest news, The Way Out has been long-listed for both the Frank O’Connor International Short Story Award 2015 and the  Jerwood Fiction Uncovered Prize 2015Novelist and short story writer from Edinburgh, the  collection follows Vicki’s first novel Nothing is Heavy, published in 2012.

Shelly Sclater, with her first novel soon to be published

Shelly Day-Sclater

 Shelley Day-Sclater   

Story Shop writer from 2013, Shelley was very excited to share the news that her first novel, The Confession of Stella Moon is to be published by Saraband. Not only that but Shelly has also won an award for her short stories and at this very moment is in London to receive it. Without a doubt, Shelley feels 2015 is her year!

Story Shop writer, 2014

Sarah Gundle, Story Shop writer, 2014

 Sarah Gundle

 An enthusiastic short story writer and aspiring novelist, Sarah is  currently travelling around New Zealand. But she still found time to  write about a recent experience with a toddler for The Toast. Without spoiling anything, she  survives the experience but learns a lot along the way.