Books, Words and Ideas are born and cherished in libraries, and food for our imaginations. The first circulating library was founded in Edinburgh in 1725 by Allan Ramsay, poet, playwright, publisher, and wig-maker. There are now dozens of libraries across the city, at the hearts of communities and the heart of Edinburgh, City of Literature. For children, for music-lovers, for serious research and for reading for free for everyone.

City of Edinburgh Council Libraries image

City of Edinburgh Council Libraries

Libraries are Edinburgh’s literary outposts; they are the beating heart of its communities, and they open a world, an escape hatch, for people of all ages. All the libraries in Edinburgh run a year-round program of events and activities, providing vital hubs for the areas they serve. Long live libraries!

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National Library of Scotland

The National Library of Scotland is Scotland’s largest library and the world’s leading centre of Scottish literature, as well as a major European research library. It holds everything from the latest crime thriller to the earliest letters, essays, and manuscripts. Anyone is free to join and everyone can enjoy its hefty program of events and exhibitions.

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The Scottish Poetry Library

The Scottish Poetry library is a unique national resource and advocate for poetry in Scotland. It houses Scottish and international poems in the quiet splendour of the world’s first purpose-built poetry library in Crichton’s Close, smack bang in the historical Canongate of Edinburgh.

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