Edinburgh City of Literature: Starter for 10

Edinburgh is a city built on 500 years of books, so it’s a chunky read. We’ve collected together some bite-sized Books, Words and Ideas to give you a taste and tempt you further into Edinburgh’s contemporary literary world.

Bookshops to Browse image

Bookshops to Browse

Mainstream, Manga, antiquarian or charity – Edinburgh is awash with interesting bookshops.

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Classic Books image

Classic Books

‘Classic’ doesn’t have to mean ‘a book which people praise and don’t read’ Mr Twain. It can mean one of these brilliant books.

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Hidden Gem Books image

Hidden Gem Books

All Rebused out? Stuffed with Scott? Try something different with these Edinburgh books.

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Book Artists image

Book Artists

Could books be any more beautiful? These artists think so, and we agree.

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Literary Societies image

Literary Societies

Are you scatty about Scott or dippy about Dunnett? Join like-minded individuals to spread the love.

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Literary Pubs image

Literary Pubs

“Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!” — Robert Louis Stevenson. And a packet of peanuts.

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Galleries & Museums image

Galleries & Museums

From Sir Walter Scott’s rocking horse to taking tea with famous wordsmiths. Get thee to an Edinburgh gallery or museum!

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Literary Animals image

Literary Animals

Cute kittens and faithful friends from literature are all over Edinburgh.

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Literary Statues image

Literary Statues

We tend to put writers on pedestals. At least Robert Fergusson is on our level! (Quite literally.)

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