Pressed for time and overwhelmed by choice? We’ve put together packages with suggested activities, routes, and places to visit. Hope this helps!

Robert Burns Itinerary image

Robert Burns Itinerary

You might be in Edinburgh for a Burn's Supper or have journeyed far as a die-hard fan to see the city he loved. This itinerary takes you on a journey through the adventures and misdeeds of one of Edinburgh's greatest romantic poets. Read more
Little Sparta Itinerary image

Little Sparta Itinerary

Little Sparta is a stunning poetry garden in Stonypath, in the Pentlands. It was grown by poet Ian Hamilton Finlay and his wife in the 1960's and is now a mature garden where nature and words are woven together in a beautiful, contemplative setting.

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Robert Louis Stevenson Itinerary image

Robert Louis Stevenson Itinerary

Follow Robert Louis Stevenson from his childhood home, down his old stomping grounds, and into Edinburgh's hidden nooks and crannies to discover the city's tributes to one of the world's most imaginative authors. Read more
Romantic Edinburgh image

Romantic Edinburgh

This is a two day romp through Edinburgh's most romantic sweeping vistas, places to stay, and literary love stories. Is your love like a red, red rose? Make Edinburgh your 'own romantic town'. Read more