If you want more visitors, be prepared to tell them a cracking story

To create an experience, your service or product must be authentic, exceptional and memorable. A true tourist experience must amaze and astonish, creating a lasting memory and standing out as extraordinary.

In other words, from start to finish, your visitor should feel as though they are part of a fantastic story. Be energetic and creative, and know how to innovate, surprise and delight.

Here’s just one couple’s ‘Edinburgh story’…

Know your audience

Edinburgh’s visitors typically come from England, Ireland, Europe and America. They’re motivated, inspired, and keen to participate actively in Edinburgh’s cultural life. They tend to be looking for:

  • Insight – to discover new information or angles
  • Participation – to take part in the culture and lifestyle, rather than just observe it
  • Authenticity – to interact and engage socially with locals for personal memories they can talk about
  • Variety – to enjoy a range of personally compelling experiences on any single trip
  • Value – to feel all aspects of their trip offer excellent value for money

Speak the language

Is your tone friendly, intriguing, relaxed, informal, warm?

Are you describing the experience as you would to a friend?

Does it capture the experience your visitors will go home and tell their friends and families about?

Toot toot! Does it issue a call to action?

Knock ‘em dead

Weave stories and experiences together
  • walk in the footsteps of famous authors
  • stay in historical literary locations
  • eat and drink in the haunts of poets and storytellers
  • browse for hidden gems in vintage bookshops
  • take part in festivals, walking tours, readings, spoken word, storytelling, exhibitions, workshops
  • be part of a world of books, words and ideas
Put the visitor at the heart of planning your experience

Be the visitor for a day: will this experience appeal to them? Will it make them want to come to Edinburgh? Will it motivate them to travel?

Offer your visitor something special

Offering your visitors a package? Give them something brilliant that they wouldn’t have received if they bought the components separately.

Theme your experience

Whether it’s luxury, romance, event, soft adventure, or food and wine, create incentives that make it easy for the visitor to take up the offer. Remember, you’re telling a story. How will it all weave together? Build in as much detail as possible every step of the way. Plan time for interaction, conversation, and reflection.

Know your market

Your experience might best suit senior citizens, couples, special interest, book clubs, or culture lovers.

Time your package

Think about daily or scheduled departures, and the time period during which your experience will be available, e.g. low season, midweek, weekends.

Personalise attention to detail at every stage

This will give you competitive edge and add value to the visitor’s experience.

Who are you working with?

Determine the partners’ services and suppliers that you want to build into your experience, such as attractions, accommodation, tours.

Ask yourself

Is your package attractive, feasible, profitable and sustainable?

Do sums

Calculate the total experience price and the price per person.

Write crystal clear descriptions, conditions and waivers

And finally…

Make your small print bullet proof with clear and concise information on all terms and conditions which might affect the experience. Outline responsibility and make it easy for everyone by making terms and details of any specific insurance requirements nice and clear.

The Edinburgh Tourism Action Group publication is a clear guide on how to make your business thrive in a literary city.

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For more information about how you can get creative with your business, visit the Edinburgh Tourism Action Group site.

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