You’ve created your new literary experience. You’ve a tale to tell – so tell us!

Let us help you: your first call should be to the City of Literature Trust. We can tell the world, a world full of literary-minded visitors and locals looking for something authentic and unusual. We spread the word online through this site, through Facebook and Twitter, we work with partners overseas, we go to conferences and meetings and most importantly, we want to help! Get in contact, tell us your story.

Use your own contacts: tell the world yourself, but tag us. On Twitter you can let us know what you’re doing with something as simple as including an @EdinCityof Lit and on Facebook, @Edinburgh City of Literature. That gives us a nudge, to nudge our friends and followers. If you’ve made a film about what you’re up to, put it on YouTube or Vimeo and share that as part of the post. It can be embedded in other sites, to share what you’ve done as part of a larger feature or news story. And make the most of it on your own website – blog about it, let other people see it and share it.

Attention grab: work with your designer to develop a style. Think about where you’ll advertise: in a brochure, on your website, as a banner ad or perhaps a mixture. Include your branding in the design and think carefully about how you use language.

Get the timing right: some experiences may need a longer lead time than others. You may need to start to promote winter short breaks three months or more in advance, whereas a romantic Valentine’s weekend may only need a few weeks.

Use social media: promote your packages or bundles through social media like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Use your website to blog, link to other businesses, and share stories.

Look at other channels: explore other routes to markets you can use to promote your packages. Be creative.

Maximise on PR: develop a communications plan to promote your packages. Contact your local press and media with a press release. Think outside the box: what other ways can you explore to shout out?

Link up with other businesses: work with your partners and suppliers. The more businesses work together within an area, the longer visitors are likely to stay, spend, and come back.

Have a plan! Develop a cohesive action plan with measurable targets to help you to keep on track. Start this process within your business, use the resources readily available to you, and work with your team to formulate your plan of action.

Ask for help: If you think you need help, look for some external support. However, it is always better to develop your own plan rather than have someone else do it for you. Plans developed internally have a greater chance of succeeding, because it’s easier for everyone to keep track of what’s going on.