The Reading Experiment: Edinburgh International Science Festival

The Reading Experiment: Edinburgh International Science Festival

March 25, 2015

The Edinburgh International Science Festival (4-19 April 2015) is not only the biggest science-related festival in Europe, but is also a major partner delivering science shows in the United Arab Emirates. Its very massiveness is fuelled by the huge diversity of artists, scientists, performers, musicians, crafters and writers who are asked to participate every year. From the Mini Makers Faire where you can get your own adorable furry parasite to shows for children and offerings for adults with darker themes, the Science Festival has us rubbing our hands in anticipation every year.

The Science Festival works with a whole bunch of people, which is what makes their shows so much fun. The link between science and art becomes more apparent by the year, and the supposed differences between them blurrier and blurrier.

The way the worlds of science and words come together is a rich source of inspiration and the Reading Experiment strand of the Science Festival’s program explores not just reading but writing scientifically.

In particular, keep an eye out for reading lists and recommendations from some of the Science Fest’s favourite folk online. The Sci Ku competition, precisely as poetrytastic as it sounds. This year they’re looking for entries taking inspiration from ‘light and enlightenment’. The Competition opens on 21 March and you can see sci-kus galore on the Porty Sci-Box, a repurposed phone box on Bellfield Street with an interactive screen. Tweet your Sci-Ku to see your words up in lights.

There’s even a mobile bookshelf taking lovely literary science out and about around Edinburgh.

We’ve hand-picked some choice specimens – see what we did there? – from the Reading Experiment for you, but go to for the full range of what the Edinburgh International Science Festival has to offer you.