I was seized with a keen desire to see Holmes again... He was pacing the room swiftly, eagerly, his hands clasped behind him.

Arthur Conan Doyle

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The Golden Hour Book - Volume II

The Golden Hour Book - Volume II

Start/End Date(s)
25 September 2009
25 September 2009
6:30pm - 7:45pm



53-62 South Bridge




Blackwell is pleased to present an evening with the Golden Hour team, as they launch ‘The Golden Hour Book – Volume II’.

"Is the Golden Hour Book Suitable for You?"
If you enjoy words, the answer is ‘yes’. If you enjoy sounds, the answer is ‘yes’. Even if you have not answered ‘yes’, the answer is still ‘yes’. For ‘The Golden Hour Book Volume II’ is not just a book: it is also a natural resource that may save your life. Its pages will burn without being consumed. It keeps tigers away. The accompanying CD is equally essential: it can be used as a plate or better still, sharpened and thrown like a shuriken into the throat of your enemy. Even if the end approaches, there is still the consolation of the words and sounds within — fine poems, stories, and songs from over three dozen poets, writers and musicians — all of which are guaranteed to take your mind off things.

‘There is genuine wit, deep feeling and real entertainment in this most enjoyable volume. Light-hearted and serious by turns, ‘The Golden Hour Book Volume II’ contains some of the best and freshest new writing I have come across for quite a while.’
Ron Butlin, Edinburgh Makar

Tickets are FREE and available from the Front Desk of Blackwell.

For further information please contact Blackwell on 0131 622 8222 or events.edinburgh@blackwell.co.uk

Blackwell Bookshop
53-62 South Bridge

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Tickets are FREE and available from the Front Desk of Blackwell.

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