Bright is the ring of words

– Robert Louis Stevenson

Edinburgh’s own Robert Louis Stevenson was perhaps best known for his novels, but he also dabbled in verse. This line is from his poem ‘Bright is the ring’ which can be read, along with his other poetical works, in the Scottish Poetry Library: a unique national resource centre founded in 1984.

R.L.S. suffered from ill health all his life and was forced to leave his hometown for a sunnier climate. However, many of his poems about Edinburgh are inspired by light, from the lamp lighters to the sunny days of childhood.



The Scottish Poetry Library is a unique national resource and advocate for the art of poetry, and Scottish poetry in particular. An important resource for writers, the library offers one to one coaching sessions for poets, as well as a program of poetry surgeries. It hosts a facilitated book reading group, and holds regular exhibitions to showcase Scottish poets.