Blessid be the sempill lyfe

– Robert Henryson

This is the moral of Scots poet Robert Henryson’s story of ‘The Twa’ Mice’, a 15th century adaptation of Aesop’s ‘The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse’.

His fable, also known as ‘The Taill of the Uponlandis Mous and the Burges Mous’ was printed by Thomas Bassandyne, who lived in Fountain Close and printed Scotland’s first copy of the New Testament.


Today the premises are home to The Saltire Society, which was founded in 1936 to preserve Scottish traditions and encourage new developments which will enrich the nation’s cultural life.




The Saltire Society was founded in 1936, It is a non-political independent charity with membership branches throughout Scotland and acts as a catalyst, celebrant and commentator through an annual programme of awards, lectures, debates and projects.


In 1998 the Society selected this quotation to appear outside The Writers’ Museum in Makars’ Court, an evolving literary monument.