Apollo winters here:
strings his lyre like stars
through clouds

– by Tessa Ransford


The site of Evergreen Studio was once the home of the original Scottish Poetry Library, established in 1984 by poet Tessa Ransford with the support of fellow poets and enthusiasts.

The library started with around 300 books – mostly donated – and part-time staff of two. It now houses over 30,000 items in its custom built, award-winning building on Crichton’s Close.



This part of Tweeddale Court used to be the packing room for publishers Oliver & Boyd, so has a long, noble history of sharing stories!

The Scottish Poetry Library also has an interesting culinary history. In 1984, the SPL organised an event where some of the guests were vegetarians. Tessa Ransford, our featured poet, was a customer of MacSween’s and asked John MacSween if he could come up with something to cater for them. Despite his initial scepticism he created a blend of black beans, nuts, lentils, pulses and so, thanks to the Poetry Library, vegetarian haggis was born.