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As the world’s first UNESCO-designated City of Literature, Edinburgh’s literary heritage and culture is second to none. In 2016 the city celebrates World Book Day with a series of international poetry projections in Leith, projecting poems from Creative Exchange onto the Royal Bank of Scotland on Constitution Street for 11 nights beginning on 3 March.

The projections are part of a long-term initiative by the City of Literature Trust called Words on the Street, bringing literature to life in the city through art, sculpture and light.

Christine De Luca was born and raised in Shetland and has lived in Edinburgh for 50 years. She is a prolific and established prize-winning poet whose works have been translated into many languages, and she herself writes in both Shetlandic and English. At the moment she is Edinburgh’s Makar.

The first stanza of her poem ‘Through the Traffic of Tongues’ will be projected in Leith as it was in Krakow, as shown below. ‘Through the Traffic of Tongues’ was written to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Edinburgh’s designation as a UNESCO City of Literature.




Ten years we’re had of trafficking,
keeping borders open through words,
through discerning conversation,
the hospitality of books; citadels
of literature, fostered from a dream

– Christine De Luca,