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Granada became the eleventh City of Literature in December 2014, on the same day as Dunedin, Prague and Heidelberg.

The city of Granada is located in Andalusia and has a population of just over 240,000. Granada has been a recurring theme in literature from the distant past to the present day; from the time Al-Siqundi wrote that Granada was the Damascus of Al-Andaluz, to the writings of Francisco Nieva and Salman Rushdie.

Granada’s most famous monument, the Alhambra, embodies one of the most singular collections of poems ever to have been built in stone: its intricate Arabic inscriptions are carved into the ceilings, columns and walls and contain poetry and verses from the Qur’an. Reading its walls is like turning the pages of an ancient book.

Virgilio Cara Valero has been Professor of Spanish Language and Literature at the Institutes of Granada and Seville.

He currently co-ordinates and assesses the poetry collections O gato que ri de Entorno Gráfico Ediciones, which has so far published two titles.

His work was first projected in Krakow in December 2015, as is shown below.





She’s just arrived in a new town.
Behind the window falls the night.
Unopened luggage. Lonely and sad,
amidst the beams of shades and light,
she keeps a secret, her head down

– Virgilio Cara Valero,