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The city of Heidelberg is spread along the banks of the Neckar River in South-West Germany in the Rhine valley, with a population of approximately 150,000 people.

Writers are drawn to Heidelberg because of its literary history and contemporary reputation for literary excellence, and once there, they often find it hard to leave. German Romanticism had its heyday in the early 19th century in Heidelberg, and the literary vibrancy continues to this day, in its cafés, its spoken word and poetry slams, and in its streets.

Heidelberg became the tenth City of Literature in December 2014 on the same day as Dunedin, Prague and Granada.

Author of several books of poetry and award-winning poet, Gerhild Michel was born in Berlin and raised in Heidelberg.

She studied theatre studies, drama, and philosophy in Vienna. After four years of working in theatres across Germany, she took up studies in art and German pedagogy.

Her work was first projected in Krakow in December 2015, one of which can be seen below.