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Capital of the Czech Republic and home to approximately 1.24 million people, Prague lies at the very heart of Europe.

The city is home to some impressive literary heavyweights, including Franz Kafka, Max Bod, writer and friend of Kafka, and Rainer Maria Rilke, the internationally acclaimed German-language poet.

The satirist Jaroslav Hašek described Prague in sardonic detail in many of his stories, and Milan Kundera, author of The Unbearable Lightness of Being, studied and lectured at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague.

Prague became the ninth City of Literature in December 2014 on the same day as Dunedin, Heidelberg and Granada.

The poet, actress and lecturer in rhetoric Renata Bulvová was born in 1966 in Chomutov.

She has published a book of short stories, O chlupaté Bertě a jiné povídky (2007) and two collections of poems: Nebude válek (2012) and Zářečí – Řeči -Za řečí (2014).

Her work was first projected in Krakow in December 2015, as is shown below.





Time to drive the bats out of their caves
in a scared campaign against the past
and dedicate the spared second to that
winking doll of the future

– Renata Bulvová,